Why StaticData?

More often than not, investors find themselves struggling with integrating dissimilar and incomplete securities data from several vendors into their portfolio management system. We acquire securities data from the same suppliers as you probably do – but we propose to aggregate and process it for you.

We offer you a single point of contact for acquisition of any and all securities data – even though it probably originates from several countries, sources and suppliers. We also filter and format the data in accordance with your system requirements and preferences, and make it available for you to import directly into your system.

This translates to easier administration for you, and it ensures that you get exactly the data you want, when you want it, and how you want it. Because – and this is our value proposition in a nutshell – we do not just acquire the data for you. We filter, customise, and validate it. We reformat it to national standards and/or your particular requirements, and not least – we make it available for you to import directly into your portfolio management system, every day.

Engaging the services of StaticData will allow you to greatly reduce the amount of error-prone effort to manually enter and update securities data in your portfolio management system.

Customisation and monitoring


From a data vendor you get all data points in a standard set. But you might not want to populate your portfolio management system with data that you do not need. And maybe you need an extra column that is not there. We tailor your dataset to your needs.

National variations

Every country has its variations in securities data, so when you buy internationally you most likely need to rearrange or translate some data points. We monitor and incorporate important national data variations, e.g. date format, local classifications and holiday adjustments.


We monitor your data for redemptions, delistings and other occasional data changes. We also check for ongoing changes such as dividends, interest change, split and more. This way, you will never lack important information about your securities.

QA, delivery, and support

System compatible

Our services are backed by our own tailor-made data processing software. You will never need to manually input or update data that we are responsible for. We will fix any issues at our end, so that your dataset remains correct and complete.


Our software platform has seen well over a decade of continuous operation and evolution, and it relies on comparably well-proven OS and HW technology. Furthermore, we perform overnight QA of both raw and processed data, so when your data delivery is due e.g. at 8 a.m. it has already been checked and approved by StaticData.

Full-service support

Support is included in your substription at StaticData. If you need resonable changes made to your setup – like a few more data points or systems integration support – we are also happy to offer you our complimentary assistance.